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Pawee Ventura Reacts to Bashers

The Article Below is Posted on Pawee's FB Status

My apologies for not being able to immediately release my personal statement regarding all the allegations being hurled against me. I’ve been receiving all kinds of hate mails (even death threats) from my fellow Filipino pageant fans. Just letting everyone know, I can sleep soundly every night cuz my conscience is clear. I’m also a peaceful, positive & happy person by nature AND unfounded issues against me are sooooo beneath me. But I’m really emotional right now because of all the messages of sympathy coming from friends & people who know the truth especially my mom who sent me a message earlier and she's affected about what she read on-line about me. Please allow me to clear things out.

On Thailand winning Miss Intercontinental 2014 & claims that I was part of the judging: This came as a real shock to me, when Feerz (Miss Thailand) came out of nowhere to bag the crown. My jaw literally dropped on the floor during the announcement of winner. After the pageant I asked around about what they saw in Miss Thailand and they told me they find her really exotic & high-fashion. Maybe she suits the Germans’ taste in beauty but I’m never sure. All along, I thought the title would be between the Philippines, Portugal, South Africa, Cuba or Puerto Rico since they all had the qualities that make a winner. In all honesty, nobody expected Thailand to win the crown. I’m not the type of person who’d write or say something bad about anyone but I really didn’t understand the result. Let me highlight this - contrary to the allegations – I was NEVER part of the judging system from Day 1 of the pageant to finish. Please don't put the blame on me. I never had the influence whatsoever.

Now, there’s a group of people coming from another forum that constantly spreads malicious lies about me on social media & I know they’ve been trying to bring Missosology down from the time they started their site.

There is no way I could (or will every try) to influence the minds of the judges/organizers. When they invite me to cover Miss Intercontinental & Miss Supranational this year, I only do my job as a JOURNALIST. Nothing more, nothing less. You will find on Missosology media outlets all the photos & updates that I have been posting all throughout the pageant’s span for everyone.

Over the years when I get invitations, I am always grateful and thankful to HIM since he is letting me live my dream. I will never do anything that would tarnish my reputation – I’m a FIRM believer of karma and I try to be good & do good all the time.

I represent Missosology – an international pageant-related website & forum and I should be professional when it comes to dealing with the people around me. Honesty & integrity is very important to me in all my undertakings. Some contestants would ask me if I’m the director of Miss Philippines time & again, and I would tell them that I’m from Missosology and I’m supporting all the girls. Whenever I cover international pageants, I never try to lobby or campaign for any candidate to win the crown, I always try to get to know all the girls & I won’t give any of them any special treatment. You may ask any of the contestants or pageant owner for the veracity of it.

It is a known fact that I have been training contestants from other countries. Only this year, other countries including Myanmar, Thailand, Guyana, Malaysia, Hungary, etc. sought my help to train their contestants in international pageants. Never in a million years that I thought I’d become a pageant coach, I just said ‘yes’ basically because I wanted to give it a try and because of the fun of it & my passion in pageants. Some people are claiming that I get paid a lot of money to train or cover pageants. The answer is NO! Let me repeat this time and again, when I get invited overseas, they only shoulder my airfare, hotel & food. In the Philippines, they pay us only a small amount for the facilities, food, transportation & other necessities during their 1-2 week training with us. We even *always* spend money from our own pockets during their trainings as we don’t demand for any extra professional fee. But we never complain, we love what we do and for us – it feels good to help & make a difference. We also aim to let them experience & feel the true essence of Filipino hospitality. I have lots of friends in the industry and I’m forever grateful because of their assistance. People around me would advise me to demand a fee or an "honorarium" but I don't need it. Money is never an issue and I'm not a business minded person. I always consider invitations to cover pageants as blessings.

Thankfully, the pageant owners continue to invite Missosology every year although there’s a conflict of schedule with pageants happening at the same time. There are instances when we get 4 int'l pageant invitations in one month. Last year, I decided to send misso members to cover overseas - the ones that can be trusted and who can best represent our community.

Some countries that seek our help don’t have any formal training in their own countries. As a “teacher,” I just tell them what they need to do in order to shine on or offstage and I try to bring out the best in them. And once my trainees are already in their respective competition, i just let them do their own thing. Like I said, I am covering all (70) girls in the pageant. I've been doing this for many years now and I somehow know what pageant owners are looking for in a winner. Competing in a beauty pageant is like applying for a job.

Personally, it was never an issue to me to help other nations. I would feel like a bad person if I rejected their call for help when it comes to training their queens. I have also trained some Filipina beauty queen aspirants in the past. I am more than willing to train our own reps in other int’l pageants if given the chance. Training beauty queens overseas came to me by accident, I never really saw myself jumping to this field of endeavor, I just grabbed the opportunity to be of assistance early this year and I still have no idea if I’m gonna push thru with it.

Missosology is catering foreign members and we need to keep a "global" atmosphere within our sites. It's never all about the "Philippines." There's a big, big world out there. I am a Proud Filipino and I always support our own delegates in every possible way. You may personally ask Kris about it. But when I cover pageants, I do not just help Miss Philippines or Miss Thailand. I also help other girls who would come to me to seek my advice and I readily offer my help even if it’s a crash course in catwalk, grooming, etc.

That I think is the reason why organizers, pageant owners & delegates like what I do because I really try to get along with everybody and I'm always partial to them. Some of us tend to forget the real essence of beauty pageants. It's not just a competition. Beauties from different parts of the globe represent all that is good and right in their respective nations. The main point of participating in beauty pageants is to promote goodwill, camaraderie and friendships with everyone. (it may sound cliche but it's true.)

To my fellow Filipinos who felt bad because of the idea that I’m helping other nations train their beauty queens, I respect your opinion. I only did it out of willingness to help. That's just about it. To those people who are making stories about me, may God Bless your heart and may He enlighten your mind. Remember, if you've started something out of personal grudge, evil/negative intentions, you will never succeed. To the people who have shown their concern and to the ones who keep on defending me, thank you very very much. Please don't worry about me. I'm really a strong and cool person, - more importantly, my conscience is clear & I have inner peace.


  1. I dnt believe you pawee! Ur such an avil!!!

  2. you really can make a good story but you cannot fool all people. shame on you.


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