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Sample Q and A for Aspiring Beauty Queens Part 2

Believe it or not, one of the fears of many aspiring beauty queens is being grilled in the nerve-wracking question and answer portion. It is the part of the beauty pageant where witty answers are unscripted, boo-boos are exposed and the most quick and reasonable delegate stands out from among the rest. Here is the second part of some of the sample questions and answers which we gathered at the Binibining Pilipinas 2011  facebook page:

1.    W hat would you rather be, smart or beautiful?
Frankly speaking, I would choose to be BEAUTIFUL. Basically it’s a BEAUTY pageant so it would be your passport to enter on various competitions, locally and internationally. All of us are born knowing NOTHING. Being smart is a skill, a visual poise one can learn & develop. But being naturally-born beautiful is an exception. Believe me, you can fix your face but critics nowadays could tell if it’s FAKE...
John Paul Manlapaz
2.    If you found out that your boyfriend is a gay, what will you do and why?
I’ve been really itching on forums like this: If ever I’ll find out that my boyfriend is gay, I will thank him for having enough strength and courage to search for what he really want in life. We love others not because of who they are but with the purpose of what they will become out of that relationship. I’ll still stick with him and ONLY time can tell if things will work out for both of us. After all, God created us with equal rights and opportunity of existence...
John Paul Manlapaz

If I found out that my boyfriend is gay, the thing that I’m going to do is to ACCEPT him because I believe that loving someone is not all about what your gender is.
Jay Em Mahusay

I a tough question ur putting me on a spot but If I found out my bf is gay I would literally get hurt,cry and then move on.and realize that hes just being true to himself,he just want to share to the world the other side of his sexuality.i will support him whatever he wants to do to his life and pray that someday he will find his true happiness
Michael Pagtama

oh! Just the same thing.. accept him of who he is.. after all, birds of the same feathers flock together. I will hug him and would tell him, he would always be my friend. Friendship is a relationship more than bf-gf..
Joevenell Plaza Escare

If my boyfriend is a gay ,, I will accept him and love him just like the way I did before ... because love has no gender .. if you love someone it is not really important no matter what he/she is. Because for me love is accepting someone without any doubt and regret.
Bullet Ongpauco

I would accept him for being who he is as long as he is behaving the right way without doing anything wrong against anybody I would accept him.he is also a human being capable of being loved.and being gay is of two reasons whether it is hereditary or environmental so if that would make him happy or comfortable I should accept be it.being a gay is not a sin and it is only a choice for you to make.if there is one thing that makes one sin is being at level with God without any reason at all.i should not judge for having a boyfriend who is a discrimination to any gays out is just a matter of acceptance not rejection
Gaudencio Lopez
3.    In a world that seemingly tolerates abortion and prevents fertilization in favor of a safe and satisfying sex, you believe that motherhood is still the essence of being a woman?
Motherhood is still the essence of being a woman. What the world is going through is a wake-up call for a woman that she has the responsibility to protect how her child would visualize woman’s essence in the future. She must taught her children the value of being a woman and she must learn to put in the children’s mind that a virtuous woman is still more precious above thousand rubies.
Joevenell Plaza Escare
4.    If the Philippine government calls you to join the military, will you accept it, and why?
I know for a fact that the government wouldn’t call on its people, civilians to say it, to join the military unless the dictates of time is that urgent. As a law abiding citizen, I will join the military to protect the country for whatever cause there is. It is also promulgated in Article 2 Section 4 of the 1987 Phillippine constitution that ‘The prime duty of the Government is to serve and protect the people. The Government may call upon the people to defend the State and, in the fulfillment thereof, all citizens may be required, under conditions provided by law, to render personal, military or civil service.” So it is but appropriate that everyone should follow suit.
Zyriel James

As a woman if I will be obliged to join the military I will not hesitate to join. It is a good sign that a usual man’s world is no longer exclusive to men. And this is no longer new to us. We even had 2 lady presidents and there have been a lot of women who are already in the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police. A perfect example is PNP Director Lina Sarmiento, she the very first 2 star PNP general. Women have been clamoring for equality, well this is our chance to prove ourselves. Thank you.
Angel Vargas Reyes

thank you for this question.Well for me theres nothing wrong joining in a military the only thing is how am I going to accept it if until now were getting un equal treatment and a lot of discrimination from diff people and society that affects our status as a ilipino what more in the military were we know a lot of str8 men line up to question our capability as a gay in a military who wants to fight for our countries freedome if until now we as a gay people I get our own freedome from this?So I will just accept it if they do something from this.thank you
Michael Pagtama (Grand Finalist Already)
5.    If you are cartoon character, who would you be and why?
If i were a cartoon character i would be bugs bunny because i enjoy watching it when i was a kid, bugs bunny is very cute but at times clever and naughty and could outwit other people and that bests represents me .
Gaudencio Lopez

6.    If you will be stranded in an isolated island with one person, who would it be and why?
If ever I would be stranded in an island I would like to be with my boyfriend so that we can still have fun while we are trying to think how to get out of that place and that situation. I will have more courage to survive because I am with the person who i care for and love so much. Thank you.
Angel Vargas Reyes
7.    If you become Boy Abunda for one day, what will you do and why?
Well if i would be Boy Abunda for one day i would do what he do best; his devotion to work,his devotion to God inspite the fact that he is a gay;his love for His mother and also his time to reflect on things facing his magic mirror.I really admire and look up Boy Abunda as a person inside and out.
Gaudencio Lopez

if i were boy, id take a rest and have a date with mom.. boy is a very known celebrity and we all know ho w he loves his mom so much. So just to cut the monotony of being all over the celebrity world, id take a rest just enjoy life by getting away with the frenzied world im often associated to, we all know celebrities like to live a normal life even for a day or two
Zyriel James

8.    What is the one big mistake that you did in your life and what did you do to make it right?
The biggest mistake that I have done in my life is when I followed what my HEART tells me whenever I make a decision. And what I did to make it right is that, before I will make a decision, I always spend time on THINKING before I'll make a decision. Because in life, our FUTURE will always depends on what decision we made in our PAST. With that, I became a better person and now very proud to present my self in front of many people. Thank you.
Jay Em Mahusay

I used to be a coward person in the past and that is the biggest mistake that I have done in my life. I have turned down so many opportunities because I was so afraid to try them and fear to commit mistakes. I used to be a perfectionist and I fear committing mistakes, But later on I learned that nobody is perfect and I can never be perfect. If I can only turn back time I will be brave enough to take risk and try those things that I let passed. But now I am brave enough to conquer my fear and take chances. As they say luck knocks only ones so I am here doing my best and no longer afraid of rejection and taking risk. Nevertheless in every experience that I had and will have I know I can learn something from it. And right now I want to be an inspiration to everyone that despite your not so good past we can still achieve our dreams just as long as we turn down our fears and grab those opportunities. Thank you.
Angel Vargas Reyes
9.    Who is the celebrity that you look up to, and why?
It's pretty odd to say a name who is not from show business for this question but I know this person is a celebrity on her own. I look up to Jessica Soho in three different facets. 1. A notable Journalist - I am a journalist myself and she is one of those we, from the journalism world; print, broadcast, investigative journalism and the like, idolize. With her unprecedented international awards and as a recipient of the famous peabody award for investigative journalism, I guess I need not have to elaborate more. 2. Responsible Leader - With her leadership and charisma, she brought the news and current affairs team of GMA into greater heights. The already good team is now even made robust with its streaks of international distinctions. Lastly, she is but a woman of substance - the way she dealt with the issue regarding vice ganda's spoofs about her weight has been proof enough that she can exhibit sense and balance amidst constraints and personal attacks.. Her poise and just demeanor draw in more sympathy from majority and even had the famous comedienne to apologize publicly. She is but a woman befitting of respect from people and a woman who epitomize a true modern day Filipina - brave, intellegent, calm and full of wisdom.
Zyriel James
10.Which of the two would you better appreciate: a Miss Philippines who is born in the country but cannot speak English, or a Miss Philippines born abroad but cannot speak Filipino?
It really doesn't matter to me. Its not about where you are born nor the language u are speaking that would determine the Filipino traits in you. Even a person who was born and raised outside the Philippines but was born from Filipino parents is a Filipino by blood and can be Miss Philippines. A Miss Philippines for me should exude the natural Filipino traits in her and should be able to display the values brought about by Filipino culture and upbringing. She should befit the traits of a Filipina regardless of status, stature and language used. She should be able to speak her mind in line with the Filipino character as what and how it is inculcated by a conservative and/or adaptive Filipino family. A true Miss Philippines is not only a lady who can speak a fluent language but is a lady who can speak of sense, of substance and of delightful thoughts.
Zyriel James

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  1. Wow! Nice answer for those who answered the questions! I just wanted to share my answer in #5, Well If I would be a cartoon character, I would love to choose Dora the Explorer because we all know that everyday Dora is having an exploration or an adventure ans with that she was able to learn new things and as a human being I believe that we must explore or be adventurous to discover new things and acquire knowledge because we can learn not only is our schools but also through experience. THANK YOU =)


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